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Tom Whipple is a fabricator and designer based out of New York City, but originally from Marshfield Massachusetts. He graduated from Pace University in 2021 with a degree in Production and Design for Stage and Screen. Tom has been involved with theater for 8 years now, starting his freshman year in high school where he became enamored with construction. After honing his carpentry skills, Tom went to college where his love for design flourished while he was able to design props for shows like A Lie of the Mind (Schaberle Theatre) and Boeing Boeing (Schaberle Theatre). From there he moved onto scenic design with shows like To Clothe the Naked (80 Greenwich St) and Ma Rainey’s Back Bottom (Schaberle Theatre). He has now delved into the model and miniature world, creating handcrafted scenic models or accurate 3D digital renderings of theoretical designs or representations of designs he admires. His attention to detail and drive for perfection motivate him to make sure every project he completes looks its greatest.

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